How to Not Blow Up Your Trading Account!

Learn how not to be one of the 90% of traders that lose all their money.

Hi! My name is Russell, an experienced stock trader with over 10 years trading equities.

I am the co-founder of (a trading education and alerts platform).

How to Not Blow Up Your Trading Account is a step-by-step guide put together by myself (Russell) and my friend Jesse.

New traders NEED this course!

90% of traders will fail. Many lose EVERYTHING!

It Took Me 10 Years to Figure Out WHY it's SO EASY TO BLOW YOUR ACCOUNT TRADING (and How to Avoid It!)

Words of Warning!

1) If you are looking for get-rich-quick schemes then leave this page now!

2) If you SELL get-rich-quick schemes leave now - I have no interest in helping you.

3) If you are one of those 'know-it-all' types that thinks everything is a scam - I can't help you.

How to Not Blow Up Your Trading Account! is amalgamation of my friend Jesse and I’s experiences.

What You Will Learn In This Course Could SAVE YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT and give you the FREEDOM I enjoy!

We share the KEY techniques that helped us to rebuild the accounts that we both destroyed as a result of trading emotionally and being completely ignorant about the market.

Learning from Russell’s Experience...

The first lesson I learned (10 years ago) was that holding and hoping (aka bag holding) is NOT a strategy but a horrible habit.

There are SO many TRAPS (like Bag holding) that will KILL YOUR ACCOUNT! Trust me....I have fallen into them ALL!

Learning from Jesse’s Experience...

Jesse blew up 3 trading accounts in his first year of trading but has turned this around to become a profitable trader!

He is the IDEAL person to walk you through his hard earned mistakes so that YOU don't have to go through that pain!

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt


-       6 Modules

-       Over 8 hours of in-depth video lessons

-       The course is constantly updated and expanded


In this course there are 6 modules and over 8 hours of video lessons!

We go through everything that you need to know to makes sure you don’t lose your entire trading account such as:

-       The lessons Jesse and I learned blowing up 3-4 trading accounts between us.

-       What trading REALLY is all about.

-       What to NOT do if you want to have a chance at trading success.

-       Simple overview of the main things you NEED to know about the psychology of trading and why most fail.

-        Daily Routine and Trading Like a Robot

-        Avoiding common pitfalls

-        Developing a strategy

-       The most effective patterns we use to consistently make money trading.

-       Trading fundamentals, scanning, shorting and options overview


And much, much more!


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